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Whether you want a Parent Process Group or a Women Veteran Group, we have you covered. Groups are a great way to receive therapy because we meet in a small setting with others that have similar situations and concerns.  This cost effective approach is often exactly what clients need.  Our groups meet every other week so there's not a weekly demand on your busy schedule.  We offer evening and weekend groups so there's an option for everyone.​

Parent Process Groups

Being a parent to a child with special needs can be isolating. Yes, there are support groups on social media but often times you feel as though you can't be your authentic self because of harsh criticism and backlash.

Our closed groups at The Collective offer you a safe place that:

  • allows you to release your burdens

  • teaches you how to function at your best despite your busyness and stress

  • provides tips to deal with snarky comments about your child

  • offers ways to enrich family relationships

  • guides parents on how to deal with parenting anxiety

  • diminishes guilt and promotes higher self regard and respect

  • encourages group think and wisdom sharing

Women Veteran Process Group

It's no secret that the needs of women veterans often times differ from that of their male counterparts.  At The Collective, we get it.  We get that many military installations and veteran agencies just don't know what to do with female veterans.  

Our closed groups at The Collective offer you a safe place that:

  • discusses the unique stressors that keep you up at night

  • teaches you ways to cope with triggers and flashbacks

  • provides you with support without judgment

  • won't be dominated by one group member

  • offers tips to push you out of a rut of despair and hopelessness

  • builds your self esteem and restores your feminine identity

  • gives you practical suggestions to increase your social skills and decrease reintegration anxiety

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