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"Career" can look like a variety of things; it really depends on what an individual is looking to do.  Everyone has a natural set of gifts that makes them naturally well suited for certain jobs.  Here at The Collective  we will work together to find your niche. 


Take this short quiz and get an idea of what your ideal career fields may be.

Career Changers

You feel stifled and suffocated in the daily grind of your job. You are unfulfilled but you think your job is your only option. At The Collective, we can get you out of the rut of day-dreaming about a drastic change and into the driver's seat of making changes that are customized to your unique path.

Persons with Disabilities

You have a desire to earn money but you feel as though no one can see past your disability. You may have even gone so are as applying for a position only to be told you would not be a good fit.  Here at The Collective, we will help you get into the door of employers that are looking for you.

Recent Graduates

You aced your finals, strut across the stage, threw your cap, and partied hearty. Now What? Does your degree make you more marketable? Are entry-level positions your only option?The Collective  can help you plan your next steps and eliminate the stress that comes with starting a new career. 

  • resume/CV writing
  • mock interviews
  • interviewing techniques 
  • network opportunities
  • career exploration
  • personality assessment
  • interest & ability testing
  • individual education & career planning 
  • interview placement
  • professional attire class
  • skills development classes
  • stress management 

American Counseling Association Code of Ethics, click HERE

Arkansas Board of Examiners in Counseling for state licensure information, click HERE

National Board for Certified Counselors, click HERE


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