Women Veterans

Women make up roughly 15% of the armed forces, yet the various support systems in place fail to meet the unique needs of women because these programs and services are still designed with the male veteran in mind.  Often times, this leads to our women veterans feeling

neglected, unappreciated, and overlooked.

We want to help you appreciate your military service, process your past, embrace your current circumstance, and empower you for your future.

Here at The Collective, we understand the unique needs that women may have after serving in the military and returning home from deployments.  We understand that: 

  • many women do not want to receive healthcare from the VA 

  • women are often tasked with the majority of household and childcare duties in addition to serving

  • readjusting to marital and parenting duties often times leave women angry, overwhelmed, and misunderstood

  • combat-related PTSD is a very real occurrence for women yet many suffer in silence

  • gender specific support groups for women combat veterans are not offered by the majority of VA facilities

  • many women veterans are forced to "act" normal in order to keep their families in tact

  • serving in the military often times strips away at a woman's feminine identity

  • organizations developed for veterans often times overlook and exclude women veterans

You are not alone.  We are here to help you figure out what your new "normal" looks and feels like.  You no longer have to rely on friends and family to understand you.  Contact us today.  Your sessions here are confidential.  Let us help you lighten your emotional rucksack.  It's time, my friend.

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