Guardians of Special Kids

Raising children with intellectual, physical, or developmental disabilities can be rewarding but equally exhausting. Here at The Collective, we don't make any assumptions; we allow clients to express their lives according to their unique narrative.  Can you relate to any of these statements?

"I may be a Christian but I'm tired of people telling me God has a plan and I have the strength to raise my "blessing"...who happens to need his colostomy bag changed a few times a day.  Where's the blessing in that?!?"

"I get so tired of seeing the smiling faces of happy families on my social media support group page. After I put my daughter to sleep every night, I cry because I'm scared to death of what her future is going to look like."

"When the doctor told me my child was going to be born with Down syndrome, I asked about my abortion options before she could even finish her sentence."

"I can't stand the stares anymore. People look and stare at us and it makes my blood boil."

"Before my daughter was diagnosed with Autism, I knew who I was and I enjoyed my life.  Now my life revolves around her therapy sessions, outbursts, doctors' appointments, and meetings.  This isn't what I thought my life would be."

"People think I'm overreacting when I tell them how exhausting it is to have a teenager that's bipolar. Our entire house is stressed out because of her.  That's not fair."

"At the end of the day with all the appointments and therapy, he still can't communicate even the most basic needs.  What's the point?"

"I'm pissed that this is my life story.  I'm tired.  I'm angry.  I'm confused.  I'm stressed.  I'm broke.  I can't keep going like this."

Each of these statements are raw, intimate, and  very transparent glimpses into the hearts of caregivers that needed permission to be honest with themselves and a safe place to share their thoughts.  

Are these your words?  

Are you are worn out?

Do you feel like your life will never feel normal again?

Are you tired of the comparison game?

Do you need help catching your breath after a scary diagnosis?

Is your support group able to carry the weight of your heavy thoughts?

The Collective was designed for these intimate moments and can help guide you from the most lowly of places to a place of hope.  You are not alone.  You can get normalcy back in your life.  Your relationships are not lost. 


Call us today to restore your faith in your circumstance.


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