The Collective Counseling

Exclusive Services

Exclusive Services

The Collective in Arkansas provides quality psychological services with a holistic bodywork approach. We offer therapeutic counseling services, as well as the advanced Ballancer® Pro, Neurofeedback, Brain Mapping, SAP Assessments, CES and more!

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Individual Counseling

50 minute sessions conducted in person, by video, or over the phone

$ 190 / session

Couples or Family Counseling

60 minute sessions conducted in person or by video, or over the phone

$ 220 / session


50 minute session for training & set up conducted in person (not covered by insurance)

$ 50 / session

Ballancer® Pro, Lower, Upper, or Full Body

50 minutes for lymphatic drainage massage and set up, conducted in person

$ 80 / session

Mind - Body - Brain Reboot

60 minutes Ballancer® Pro lymphatic drainage massage & neurofeedback conducted in person (not covered by insurance)

$ 120 / session

Neurofeedback Evaluation

90 minutes for new patient evaluation for brain mapping conducted in person (prior diagnosis not required) (not covered by insurance)

$ 275 / visit

SAP Assessment/ Evaluations

Conducted in person or by video or employees who have violated a DOT drug and alcohol program regulation (not covered by insurance)

$ 275 / visit


Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation treats insomnia and anxiety without medication (not covered by insurance)

$ 50 / visit


All Bundles are Available for Financing Through Care Credit! 

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CES Ultra Device Rental

30 day rental of the CES Ultra Device, complimenting Neurofeedback. Rental fee is $150 per month.

Ballancer® Pro 6 Session

Amazing services but at a discounted rate. Great for those who have an event or recent body contouring (Coolsculpting, Infared, Skin Tightening) and need immediate results.

Ballancer® Pro 12 Session Bundle

Amazing Services at a discounted rate. Body contouring and immune boosting package for the cost of one CoolSculpting session.

NeurOptimal Home Rental

30 day neurofeedback rental with shipping available in the US. Rental fee is $600 per month.

Needing options for a therapist that accepts a reduced fee for services?

Interested in getting some functional medicine labs done without a PCP referral?